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Kepler Energy

Kepler Energy began working on a power generation system that produces electricity from low pressure gas flow in 2007. This led Kepler Energy to develop the Nereus Compressed Air System (patent issued in 2009). In 2009, Kepler Energy introduced the Nereus Piston System (patent pending). Both systems are highly efficient power generation and energy storage systems for the energy industry. The Nereus Compressed Air System and Nereus Piston System also can be configured as energy storage systems as well as power generation.

Renewable and energy storage technology, in general, has become a favored sector for development and investment because energy and electricity costs are escalating, renewable energy expansion has become a public mandate, global warming policy frameworks are either in place or emerging worldwide, and electric utilities are being urged to displace delivery infrastructure expansion through distributed energy and electricity demand management. This makes Kepler Energy's projects an important step in the CleanTech energy segment.

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